10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job
Alea iacta est-The Die Has Been Cast
My Intro to Philosophical Writings

Alea Iacta Est - The Die Is Cast

Big decisions come around every so often in life, and when standing at the Rubicon you have to make that choice. Whatever you decide is up to you, though, if in making that choice you decide to cross the Rubicon then your die has been cast and you must give it one hundred percent, for not giving it your full effort will most likely lead to a resounding failure.

Crossing the Rubicon is used as a strong analogy for taking a risky venture. It is one that requires lots of hard work, effort and even more ambitions. And though there is great risk and effort required in crossing the Rubicon, the rewards of such a venture can be quite astronomical. When Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his army the risk lie not in the crossing of the river itself, but in defying the Senate and becoming an enemy of the senate and people of Rome. The Rubicon was the last line that could be crossed, after which there would be no turning back. It signaled to the senate and anyone else who took notice what Caesars intentions were. Caesar made haste to Rome with little resistance and after defeating Pompey's army he returned to Rome once more to be made consul.

When the thought of creating this website first came to mind I moved with alarming speed and purpose. It started as a question of how to change my situation in life, work for myself, and put my free time to good use. At the time I stumbled across an article that would be quite useful towards these ends. The articles was 10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job, and though it was quite humorous, it hit home hard for me. Mind you I wasn't impetuous enough to quit my job at the time, however, it did start the engines in my mind which formed a solid idea. Around that idea I quickly devised a plan on how to begin.

The plan was pretty simple, in fact, and perhaps slightly unfinished though it got things moving and I put into it all the effort I could muster building upon the idea as time went on. I started research right away on the making of a website and began putting everything together. I focused all my free time on making the website and cut out all the extraneous activities such as watching TV and drinking. To me this goal was worth setting aside my free time for hard work and research.

At the time I had a feeling that if I went in throwing some time into the project here or there then I would never actually finish the project. Like so many other ideas and ambitions before it, it would become lost in the recesses of my mind, a regret, never actually having been accomplished. So I stood at the banks of the Rubicon and made my decision. As i crossed it in my mind I knew 'the die had been cast' and vowed to do everything i could do to make the site a success. I spent hours every night, after getting home from work, working on the site. And each night I set goals on what I wanted to accomplish that night. As I accomplished those goals I began to feel an improved sense of pride in my work and pleasure in successfully achieving the goals I had set. This very frame of mind allowed me to continue on with the project even when I was the most tired or aggravated.

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